5 Unusual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

5 Unusual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

5 Unusual Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February is the love month. Where many other days may appear to be mundane to most people, the 14th day of February remains a special day among couples who know and want to celebrate what it is all about — Valentine’s day.

But making a not-so-ordinary day into something more special and outstandingly unique are gift ideas that is true to the ideals of “unexpected” but in a manner that shows you care.

Seeking for some of the best unusual gifts to come up with for a partner or loved one (of whatever kind), the following list down some gift ideas you can try based on brands which can be found from Adobomall, the first online shopping mall platform, for a memorable Valentine’s day celebration.

1. Brooks Running Shoes

Find the ideal relationship to involve spending time with one another making some strolls or running than just being with one another exchanging sweet nothings?

Give your partner a hint by giving him/her a nice pair of authentic running shoes by Brooks this coming Valentine’s day.


2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Had a memorable experience with your partner at a certain café involving coffee or tea, possibly a first date which started a meaningful relationship?

Give your partner a memory shake up by giving them a gift to relive the fond memories, possibly strengthening the relationship further.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf provides plenty of choices for it.

3. Digital Walker

In today’s contemporary lifestyle where traditional living is always complemented by technology, it is now common for people to consider themselves as tech-savvy so as to incorporate gadgets with their day-to-day living.

Living in the present, chance is good that you or your partner are living the same way.

Why not consider giving your partner a gift that you know they would appreciate living the kind of lifestyle both of you understand?

Buying him/her a Digital Walker accessory might be a good start.


4. Wanderskye Luggage Cover

Ever found your partner having the hunger for traveling which may be a cause of you two a little time away from each other?

Why not leave something remindful of you to your partner by giving him/her something reminiscent as a luggage cover they could carry around during their travels?

Wanderskye has plenty of colorful choices to choose from.


5. Exclusive Pet Resources Dog Food

Who says Valentine’s day is only for couples of the two-legged kind? This occasion, too, can also be between a master and his/her pet, especially for people who are still in the looks for the mister or miss right.

Instead of wallowing in sorrow of how single you are in this rather special two-person occasion, why not just give your affection to that special “someone” totally devoted to loving you back—your pet dog.

When roses do not mean a thing and chocolates are deemed extremely toxic, what better way to show one’s affection to a beloved pet than treating him a food they like eating? Treat your bestfriend with an Exclusive Pet Resources dog food.

So why settle for roses and chocolates when you can make a special day more personal by going for the unexpected?


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