Practical ways to pimp your ride!

Practical ways to pimp your ride!

Practical ways to pimp your ride!

It goes without saying that your car is one of the important things you have in your life. It provides you with more than just a mode of conveyance: it gives you safety, convenience, security, and in a lot of ways, freedom. It is with these reasons that people love dressing up their car, purchasing accessories that at most times seem to carry a purely aesthetic function to their vehicle. We have compiled a list of products (in no particular order) that you might want to consider that would give your ride more than just a cosmetic boost.


  1. Ma-Fra Pulimafra Acid Rain Remover 5L PO710 (


If there’s one thing that is tough to remove and that does damage to your vehicle on a long-term basis, it’s water damage. Rain drops from acidic rainfall tend to damage your paint job and Ma-Fra has created a product that specifically addresses that. Protect your car from such damage to keep it looking sleek.


  1. Trenz Steering Wheel Handle Cover 38cm Diameter (

Not only does it look stylish, but this steering wheel handle cover also ensures the longevity of your steering wheel. Made from a rubber material that carries with it no noxious odors, it also improves the feeling of gripping your steering wheel.

  1. Floorguard PVC/NBR Rubber Car Mat 3pcs/set (

The cleanliness of a car’s interior is as important, if not arguably more important, than the exterior’s, and that is why having the right car mats should be a necessity for every car owner. This particular product ensures that the inside of your car is protected from various types of dirt and grime from footwear, and is easily cleanable.

  1. Deflector DMW 619 Series Premium Silicone Rubber NWB-Type Wiper Blade 18”/450mm (

Having as much visibility on the road is very vital in driver safety. These wiper blades provide a cleaner windshield by doing its designed purpose without leaving any residue that may cause blurring or obstruction on the windshield glass.

These are but some of many of the products available that would make for practical purchases in proper car care. To find more, feel free to go through the store for the best products that would improve your car’s look as well as function. Happy shopping and drive safely!