Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy Day Essentials


It’s that time of the year again when the sky does that thing it does that causes a lot of inconvenience and hassle to a lot of people. Regardless of what you may feel about the rainy season, you have to admit that it does create some amount of annoyance, limiting people’s travel options, often forcing people to cancel plans and generally puts a hamper on a number of day to day activities.

It is a good thing that there are certain gadgets and devices that you can purchase here in Adobomall that would greatly one in fully enjoying the rainy season for the beautiful time of the year that it is. Here are a few suggestions of tech you can buy for this rainy season.




It’s very important during the rainy season to keep your every day belongings in safe and dry. That is where this wonderful dry bag from Tactics comes in. At 2 liters, it is big enough to carry your mobile device, wallet and other daily essentials and ensure that the rain does not get to them. If you’re the type that tends to move around a lot regardless of the weather, then this is a must have.




Speaking of mobile devices, it would be handy in this rainy season to opt for a phone that provides all the usual functions you’re used to (and more!) and while still able to resist the rigors of rain. With all of that into consideration, few can compete with the iPhone X. Designed to be waterproof up to three feet, the iPhone X is perhaps the best mobile phone to have on this rainy season.




Wanderskye’s luggage and backpack covers are the ideal accessory during the season. With sizes to accommodate almost every type of luggage, you can easily protect your belongings while still carry them in style with Wanderskye’s fashionable designs.



When you want to maintain an active lifestyle even though the rain is falling, this smartwatch is the perfect companion. The rain may be pouring, but you’ll still be out there, doing what you do, like only you can do it.


Adobomall has all these and more. Be sure to grab yourself these key items for the next rainy day that comes your way!