It’s Dog Appreciation Week!

It’s Dog Appreciation Week!

It’s Dog Appreciation Week!

Our pets deserve all the love we can muster. After all, they are the most precious things in our lives, greeting us warmly after a long day at work, waking us in the morning with cheerful barks, and generally just being loyal, supportive and downright adorable. Our dogs love us unconditionally, and as dog parents, we can only wish to shower them with as much affection as they show us. Thankfully, we here in Adobomall have partnered up with Pet One to provide you with products that would allow you to make your dog feel truly loved. Here are some of them:

Pet One Meaty Treats Bacon Delight x 3

Get these great treats that’s made of real meat, and with an incredible deal of three packets on a special price, this product is definitely a must-buy! Get it here!

Pet One Clean Canine Shampoo 500ml

Leave your pet smelling great with fuller, healthier coat of fur. Perfect for those pets with longer hair and with a predilection for cuddling! Lather up your dog after buying this shampoo here!

Pet One Adult Wet Can x 2

Not only is this a tasty treat for your dogs, it also helps your dog’s health! This product helps reduce your dog’s stress, improves digestion and promotes a shinier coat. Another must-have from Pet One, and you can order it here!

Pet One Adult Maintenance Dog Food 1.4kg

Ideal for adult pets, this product helps keep your dogs healthy, despite its lack of activity. It also boasts an aroma and taste designed to be loved by your dogs! Get this awesome treat here!

We at Adobomall would like to declare that it’s dog appreciation week, and in cooperation with Pet One, we highly encourage you guys to spoil your dogs this week with these great treats. Remember, if there’s anyone who deserves to be spoiled, it’s your beloved doggos.