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April 1, 2020

How do we maintain our body’s general wellness from the safety of our homes?

With all the temptations of binge-eating and snacking – combined with the lack of physical activity, how do we keep the weight down and stay healthy at the same time?

We consulted a real expert to help us find solutions to these real situations.

Meet Walt Young:

He is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1),
Crossfit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2),
Crossfit Gymanstics Trainer
L1 IKSFS Kettlebell Sport Coach

Passionate about promoting fitness, he has opened a number of CrossFit boxes within Metro Manila.

We asked: What is the best way to keep the weight down even while stuck indoors?

The Real Expert Says: Keep in Mind a Combination of two things all the time – Exercise and Nutrition. “Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen – Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”

These two are directly co-related, meaning even if you exercise and burn a certain number of calories, eating an unnecessary amount of unhealthy food afterwards only bring you two steps forward and three steps back.

THE SITUATION: “I’m a first timer, what exercises would be most recommended for me to try?”

The Real Expert Says: Focus on Body Weight Movements. Body weight movements, when done right will really get you working up an effective routine.

Recommended exercises for first timers: Push-ups, jumping jacks/jumping squats, burpees.

THE SITUATION: I want to invest in equipment for my home workouts. What basic equipment are essential?

The Real Expert Says: Simple and basic equipment – Jump ropes and resistance bands are enough. Both of these can used for multiple exercises.

If you plan to step up a notch and do home weight training, a pair of dumbells and a kettlebell are both necessary upgrades.

THE SITUATION: My go-to gym is closed and I don’t have equipment; What can I do to substitute?

The Real Expert Says:

  • Use Sturdy boxes to do box jumps.
  • Lifting water containers and walking for 100 meters (The Farmer’s carry)
  • Filling and lifting bags with heavy materials
  • A safely mounted steel pipe hanging overhead can be used to do pull-ups.

Otherwise, body weight movements will be more than enough for working out at home.

THE SITUATION: I work out but I don’t seem to be seeing the difference, what could I be doing wrong, and what else can I do?

The Real Expert Says: Stay away from sugar. Doing so would make a tremendous impact. BUT, if you’ve really got a sweet tooth and can’t avoid the sugar intake, make sure you burn more calories than what you consume.

Stay away from processed food and junk food. Being stuck indoors may lead to larger intakes of canned products and junk food snacks, but as much as possible, think twice before you open that bag of chips!

THE SITUATION: I’m having a hard time choosing a diet that would best support my workouts. Do you recommend a certain type of diet?

The Real Expert Says: Do Intermittent Fasting (IF).
IF resets your body and helps with insulin sensitivity.

In addition, Founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman advised to

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”

Remember: A healthy body leads to a stronger Immune system that helps fight off those pesky diseases and viruses!

Stay safe at home, eat healthy, and don’t forget to workout!


Tips from an expert

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